Resume template 2016

Resume template 2016. Which one to choose in 2016?

 According to the last statistic provided by government organizations, US unemployment rate in February is 5.5%. At the same time, most of analytics says this number is higher.  What should you do to get employed? What new approaches in job searching should you follow to get your job? 

Most of  the hiring managers says – you key to success is your resume template and data positioning. Most of  the candidates ignore very similar rules and do not attract recruiters attention. So, what resume template 2016 you should use to outstand from the mass? We’ll answer these questions below!

Traditional resume template 2016

This template is used by job seekers who’d like to show their work history in reverse chronological order. The main differences between other formats are:  short summary and delimiters, which would help hiring manager to find information quickly. Some candidates adding references as well.

traditional resume template 2016

traditional resume template 2016

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 Professional resume template 2016

If you’re not just graduated and have some relevant experience according to announced positions you’re going to apply, the best choice is professional resume template. Most of hiring managers can easily understand which one template is used by job seeker, so be ready to cross-check such things like:

– Professionally written career objective

– Not generalized skills. Soft and hard as well

– Remember to add education block

– References are important here. But, please do not use such killing stuff like “references upon request”. If you don’t have references, just do not add them. Let recruiter contact you and then you’ll discuss all the details.

professional resume template 2016

professional resume template 2016

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Classic resume template 2016

No need to invent something unusual if you’re applying to not executive positions. It’s the most useful variant for those, who’d like to get middle positions quite fast and attract hiring manager’s attention. The main structure is very similar to professional resume template 2016, but in some cases you could not add resume summary. Some job seekers asked the same question regarding classic resume template 2016: “Should layout stay white, or it’s better to color?” There’s no right answer here, but think like recruiter’s do. Color layout and out stand from the mass.

classic resume template 2016

classic resume template 2016

Download resume template in word

You know, sometimes it doesn’t’s matter which resume template 2016 it’s better to use. You know yourself much better than we are. Your main goal here is to get a call from hiring manager. Try to experiment and get your job!

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