Resume Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Each HR manager see tons of resumes daily. They are all different with their own fail or success stories. The vast majority of them are much weaker than they could be in the end result. Furthermore –  such mistakes are easy to fix in resume 2016. But only if you know what should you fix.  

Today we’re going to describe the most common mistakes in resume and some ways on how to fix them. It’s easy, than you expect it could be.

Don’t Make The Same Resume Mistakes in 2016

Vague resume focus

resume tips 2016

Target your resume for a specific position

The main problem here – In some cases a candidate can’t understand what job they are looking for and what they would like to do at the end result. In most cases all this story affects in their resume with the really vague aim and unable to read to understand who is that.

As you know, professional recruiter need up to 6 seconds to understand who you are and if he/she could offer you a job after an invitation for a job interview. According to our own expertise and some polls, looks like HR’s would like to see a clear resume and the highest match to the position requirements.

How to attract more attention

It’s really important to attract HR’s attention to the most valuable blocks (which you would them to read first). To do that, you need to place the most important information at the top of your resume. It’s good if professional resume format was used to do that, if not – find latest 2016 resume templates here.

Hot tips on how to sharpen your resume:

  1. Headline – what exactly position you would like to get and highlight it.
  2. Achievements – show your potential employer what they are and how you could help him.

A good way to sharpen your focus is to write an outstanding summary block. Why do you need it to include to your resume 2016? Because it’s really important to impress your reader with an outstanding facts about your qualification and focus.

Hiring managers doesn’t like people with vague experience. If you are a good specialist and you are self-confident, it’s a good practice to show your experience in facts and numbers. It works better than tons of words instead!

Accomplishments over Duties

resume tips for resume 2016 writing

Show what was done, not was were you doing

The one of the most common mistakes, when job seekers are trying to show what they did in their resume, instead on what was done and how well it was done. Your resume – it’s like a piece of paper, where you’re trying to sell yourself the best way and more expensive.

What should you better to exclude from your resume right now:

Keywords like: “I was doing”, “My duties were”, “My responsibilities were”, “I was responsible for”. All these statements shows the process of doing something. If you are not accomplishments-oriented candidates and your resume does not reflect the same approach, you would need to bring much more efforts to find a job you’re looking for.

Just describing the processes of doing something, instead of “what was done” approach – would not help you to find a good job easy.

Accomplishments-oriented resume would have much more chances to bring you to success, You would ask “why?”. Just try to walk in HR’s shoes. Would you like to hire a candidate, who can just keep the processes on the same level and would not bring something new? We guess – it’s not a winning strategy for the most of the candidates.

If you want to interest HR in your candidacy, you need to show how well you were on your previous position. How can you do that?

In your summary, try to answer some questions below:

  1. What you did to improve the current processes on your previous place of working?
  2. Was exactly problems did you solve?
  3. Is that possible to measure success? (numbers, facts)
  4. Did you do your responsibilities better than other colleagues?
  5. Does it possible to measure? (it was competition, you were the winner?)
  6. What special things you did, that your ex-boss is proud of you?
  7. Did you help to solve some problems, that could help your ex-organization say that you were the valuable employee?
  8. Could you show the results of your efforts?
  9. Does it possible to show in numbers how your company benefit from your performance?

Extra and the most valuable things you need to include: Numbers and percents. HR’s loves figures.

Before you start writing your resume this year, try to answer such question above and create a sketch. After you will finish, give it to someone. who can read it and provide you with feedback.

Add skills at the bottom of your resume 2016

Resume 2016 skills

Place skills at the top of your resume

There are different positions and there are different hiring managers, who use different approaches in resume processing. Most of them use skills-match processing approach. What does it mean? You can be the best candidate for the vacant position, but HR can’t find your skill-block in your resume, because you placed it at the end of your resume.

It’s a pity, but your resume can be in “No” pile in seconds, because of so stupid mistake. What should you do to avoid that?

Always place your skills block in the top third of your resume, so recruiter could easily find the information he/she is looking for.

Bullets – make your resume easy to read

How to format resume in 2016

Format your resume in 2016 year to win the competition

According to the latest resume trends, HR’s prefer to read resumes with more structured data first, and only then (if they didn’t find the candidates), they start processing other resumes.

What does it mean? It means – if you would like to increase your chances to find your resume in “YES” pile on recruiter’s table, it’s better to format your resume according to the resume 2016 format rules.

Resume without keywords – not good at all

We have already raised this topic and would like to stress again on how important it is. Resume is document, which HR could see after ATS was processed it. And in some cases only machine could make a decision if you are the relevant candidate or not.

That’s why we would like to advise you to use keywords in your 2016 resume.

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