Resume formats 2016. Which one to choose?

Latest resume formats 2016

Looks like you need to pay more attention to the resume format you would like to choose if you want to land the job nearest time. If you think – there is no reason to use some format  or resume template  when you’re going to write your resume in 2016, you’re definitely wrong. Each written resume contains format. In some cases it’s hard to see it, but experienced hiring manager would find the difference between professionally written resume and others.

So, what should you do and how to find the best resume format 2016 that would cover all your requirements and would help you to impress hiring manager. Let’s try to understand how they looks like and what kind of resume formats you could use to write resume on your own.

Chronological resume format 2016

It is one of the most common used resume formats in 2016. What is the main difference of this  resume format and why do they call it chronological. Here is the answer: All your work history should be ordered in chronological order (you start with the recent place of working down to the first one). Why does hiring managers like it – because it’s really easy to see your backstage and how much time you did spend on previous place of working, what employment gaps and many more.

Who should use it:

This type of resume format is not for student. It’s for the job seekers who have solid work experience. If you have some employment gaps, it’s better to pick another type of format.

How does chronological resume format 2016 looks like:

Chronological resume format 2016 Chronological resume format 2016

Functional resume format 2016

If you want to highlight your skills and relevant experience for the job, you’re applying for – functional resume format is the best choice for you. The main goal of this resume format – is to show hiring manager how good you could fit for the vacant position. Work history is secondary here – skills are more important.

Who should use it:

You have employment gaps in the middle of your career transition. Or you’re are fresher and don’t have enough experience or you want to highlight some of your skill that would outstand you from the mass.

How does functional resume format 2016 looks like:

Functional resume format 2016 Functional resume format 2016

Combination resume format 2016

We’re not sure this is the best resume format you should use in 2016, but according to some facts, job seekers used this format pretty rarely in 2015. How it looks like – it is a mix of chronological and functional resume formats. The main idea here is to combine huge work experience with some skills and dates. It looks like an interesting story more, than a professional resume at the end.

Who should use it:

Everybody could use it, but not for the top positions.

How does combination resume format 2016 looks like:

Combination resume format 2016

Ok, we have talked a little bit about some resume formats. And there is another one – the most powerful, targeted resume format. And we would like to write about it in our next post. Thank you for your attention! Like us if the post was interesting!

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