12 Resume 2016 Writing Rules to Follow

Writing a resume 2016 – is not a science. You would not hear that from resume writers, who would like to get their payment for the work was done by them. However, this is their point of view. We still believe that you don’t need to hire a resume writer or pay your money for the things you can easily do on your own and save money.

resume tips 2016 to follow

What should you do write an outstanding resume in 2016

Writing your resume is really interesting activity, which would not take you lots of time. Why it’s easy? Because you have tons of resume templates, which would not only help you with resume content, but would show how to format your resume right way. What are the latest cv 2016 formats and what to include to your resume? Today we’re going to tell more about how to make your resume more professionally looked and provide you with 20 resume tips. Such tips are really easy to follow and would show hiring manager that you are the candidate, who spent some time and created a professional resume.

Resume Writing Tips

  1. Resume length. Resume it’s not an essay and if would like hiring manager to read it all, it should not be more than two pages. It’s not about to exclude some useful information out of your resume, it’s more about that your resume should be concise. And if you have a lot of thing, which are only vague the resume content – it’s better to remove them. You should remember that recruiters are busy people and if they would like to clarify any information about you – they would call and ask about it. Keep it easy!

  2. Your Last Name and First Name are the largest objects in your resume. This is the most common resume rule for any resume you write. How it works and why it should be like that? HR remember the content of your resume, but can’t remember your name. Let’s help them to find it easy, when they would back to the pile of candidates, who applied for the position mentioned before.

  3. How many email addresses do you have? Really, it doesn’t matter how many. If you leave your email address, you need to monitor it for incoming mails. The most common mistake across the candidates – they leave e-mails, they even don’t use.

  4. Telephone number – another good thing on how hiring manager could reach you. And it’s really important to pick up the phone, when they will call you. So, if you are seeking for a job, be ready to pick the phone. Usually, HR’s are not calling twice, unless you are not the brilliant candidate they are looking for.

  5. Do not use long sentences, it’s really hard to read them. Try to use short phrases, which would show what you did and what was done at the end result. It’s important to write an easy to read resume.

  6. Choosing a resume template, make sure all the most important information about you will placed at first. Why do you need to do this way? You have up to 20 seconds to show that you are the candidate, who worth to be considered for the announced position, that’s why you need to attract HR’s attention to your candidacy.

  7. Resume is not poem or long story, so try to avoid pronouns alike (I, me, he/she/they). It would show how unprofessional you are.

  8. Too many details are not good for your resume. As we have mentioned above, the main goal of any resume is to help you to get an interview. During an interview, you would have a good chance to tell a little bit more about yourself if it would be necessary. No need to list all your hobbies and how did you spent you summertime holidays this year with your wife.

  9. Use the proper resume format. Based on your resume structure and positioning, you need to pick the right resume format, which would help you to highlight your advantages and skills and hide your weaknesses. Choosing a resume format, you need to remember that there are three most common resume formats: chronological, functional, hybrid. Start your resume with choosing a resume format.

  10. Use only professional e-mail address. Fancy or neat e-mails are not for you. If would not to be declined immediately, check your email twice before to include it.

  11. Proofread your resume twice before you will send it. Your resume should not include any grammar or spelling mistakes, Hiring manager hate them. If they would find them in your resume, you would have zero chances to get a call. To avoid such situations, use spell checker tools or ask your friends to proofread your resume. Interesting fact is – another person would find mistakes in your resume, if any.

  12. Do you know that professionally written cover letter could raise your chances to get on the interview, even you are not the best candidate for the announced position? Read more about how to write a cover letter and get your job!

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