Resume 2016 format. What’s new?

You are going to change position or looking for a new opportunities. It doesn’t matter now, because your resume should be perfect if you want land the job of your dream. Why it’s important to follow the last standards and keep your resume 2016 format updated?

First of all – you should remember that your resume is going to be reviewed not only by hiring manager. Most of the big companies almost using software, which would scan your resume first, before hiring manager will do. And that’s important to format your resume according to the latest resume format 2016 standards.

Choose easy to read font

resume 2016 format font

You’re writing your resume not for you, you’re doing it for hiring managers or employers. Using some extraordinary or hard to read fonts could reduce your chances to get employed, because it would be hard to read and the would not do it. Be sure, you are using some easy to read fonts in your resume 2016 format. Arial or Times new Roman are good ones.

Contact information included?

resume 2016 format contact details

Remember to include all the necessary contact information: First name and the last name, your phone number, skype, city and address. Do not add your corporate email, just only personal.

Resume keywords

resume 2016 format keywords

As we have already mentioned, some companies are using special software, which helps hiring managers to filter candidates before consideration. And it’s really important to add some relevant keywords in your resume.

Prioritisation and positioning

resume 2016 format positioning

As you know, hiring managers on average spend 6 seconds to scan you resume before making decisions if they want to continue considering you on the vacant position or not. And it’s really important to highlight all your relevant skills and accomplishments and add them summarized at the top of you resume 2016 format. Impress your reader.

Custom made resume

resume 2016 format custom made

Sometimes, using resume creator tools is not a good idea. If you want to win the competition and write an outstanding resume, according to the best resume 2016 format practices, it’s better to spend some more time and tailor your resume to some relevant position you’re looking for. Hiring managers don’t like generalized resumes, created by using some resume software tools.

Proper resume format

best resume format to choose

Some job seekers don’t care about resume format to choose, crafting their resume. And it’s a really big mistake. Do you want to hide some your gaps or irrelevant experience and show that you are good candidate? If so, use the resume format 2016 and win the competition.

Resume templates

resume 2016 format - best resume template

Do you want to impress hiring manager with an outstanding 2016 resume template, crafting your resume 2016 format? If yes, choose the one you need and get employed.

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