New resume format for freshers 2016 – Useful tips!

Just graduated? It’s time to write your first resume in 2016!

You are fresh graduated and it’s time to write your first resume. We have no doubts, you’re going to find some job related to your degree. And it’s wery important to  win the competition and get the job you’re looking for.

So, what should you start with? As you just finished university,  you don’t have much relevant experience and most likely you have nothing to add to your resume. BUT some facts about you will be crucial for hiring manager to make the next decision: invite for the first interview or not. That’s why we offer you to read some useful tips and follow new resume format for freshers 2016 guidelines below.

Resume format for freshers 2016: Which one to choose?

resume format 2016 for freshers tips

Resume format is one of the most important aspect, when you writing your resume. Even you’re fresher you should keep your resume clean and easy to read. Do not start from the resume template in 2016. It doesn’t work for fresher. Your main goal to highlight your education and soft skills, which could be useful for the position you are applying for. Hesitant which one? See more information about resume format here.

Easy to read

resume format 2016 for freshers tips

Writing your resume, you should follow the main goal: sell yourself the better you can. Hiring managers don’t have time reading your hobbies or “essay” in summary block. Your resume should be clean and concise.  Help your potential employer understand who you are and why they should call you and not to somebody else.

What is your academic qualification?

resume format 2016 for freshers tips

All you have at the moment – it’s your degree and not too much experience, if any. And the key to success – to show your academic qualification in positive light. Why it’s important? Because it plays a major role in making further decision: would you fit this position or not. Start with describing yourself, highlight your personal and communication soft skills and only then add 2-3 sentences about your academic qualification.

Who can recommend you?

resume format 2016 for freshers tips

Hiring managers don’t like hire freshers and be sure, they would think twice, before invite you for an interview, making a job offer. They will check each word in your resume, be ready for that! Let’s talk about references and additional signals to hiring managers in your resume.  Some of hiring managers might call to the university and could ask for some feedback. Be ready for that and tell the true during the call interview, if there were some incidents.

Looks like you were a good student? GPA records are high enough to include in your resume? If yes – DO it! It would be a good addition to your trust rate.

Relevant skills

resume format 2016 for freshers tips

It’s really important to highlight relevant skills that are related to the position description. Hiring managers don’t like to read about how good you are in football or hockey. They are looking only for relevant skills. Make sure you add all the sources you finished and added certificates. And don’t forget about computer skills.

Show your interest

resume format 2016 for freshers tips

It doesn’t matter how much will they pay you. Don’t show you are interested in money. First of all show your interest in relevant experience you can gain from the opportunity to work in their company. Hiring managers don’t like when freshers are asking about salary expectations before an interview!

How to find a job for freshers:

There are are many different approaches. First of all use job search engines listed below:

Freshersworld. Before summiting you resume, just sign up and get a free access. Check it here

Careerjet. Useful website to find a good opportunities for freshers. Good search and filters. See it here.

Simplyhired. Another good resource to find a job for fresh grads. Check it.

At the end

Never give up and believe in yourself. You’ll land the job you dream on! Good luck!

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