LinkedIn job search in 2016

According to the latest stats, there are over 400 million people are using LinkedIn for their job search. And this professional network helps job seekers and hiring managers to find a good job or to find a candidate, based on their needs.

Also, there are some other interesting facts about LinkedIn:

  • Only 42% job seekers are in active job search
  • 92% recruiters are hiring through LinkedIn (senior positions)
  • 72% HR’s are posting their job ads on LinkedIn, compared to other social networks
linked In job search 2016

How LinkedIn could help you to find a job in 2016

So, how LinkedIn could help you to find your job? And are there any rules on how to communicate with hiring managers? We’ll try to answer these questions, but it would be interesting for you, if you have your profile already created. If you don’t know how to do that – follow instructions here.

LinkedIn – it’s not a usual job ads website, where lots of companies post their job ads and waiting till the candidate will answer on their request. LinkedIn – it’s another network, where you share your connections and have ability to get some courses, talk to other specialists in your area and get some invitations from HR’s. Interesting fact is – here you’re in better position, because HR’s are looking for you, it’s not you applied on their position on job site.

How to set yourself apart from the other candidates:

Customize your URL

What should you do first, once you have already logged into your profile? Yes, you need to customize your link. You should never use any nicknames or something unprofessional. The best are – your first name, last name, city name or your age included to your URL. The way you like it, but up to 30 characters.

Once you have already finished with setting up your URL, you can easily edit it in “edit profile” block. What is really important – you can include your LinkedIn profile to your cv 2016 or wherever you need. It’s would show that you are a specialist, who just trying to grow up his/her business network.

Headline in your profile

Second step – you should decide what headline are you going to use. We’d like to stress – you’re not limited to one company or job title. You can use any letters or job titles, according to your qualifications and skills. Some candidates adding keyword or skills into their headlines. It’s good practice increase your position in internal LinkedIn search by specific keyword.

The main metric here – profile views. You are not limited to change your profile even daily. You can do experiments with changing your headline and see which one works better.

Choose your keywords

Headline – is not the only place where you can add your keywords. All you profile is divided by special zones or blocks, where you can add any information you need.

The most good blocks to add keywords are: the summary and body of your profile. Do not hesitate to add keywords, but check if blocks are easy to read and they are not overstaffed.


Have you seen endorsements in your profile? Some hiring managers still think that they do not reflect real skills of any candidate. They could show just a general overview of the candidate, but nothing more.

But, there is another point of view: endorsements show your communication skills and whether you were helpful to other colleagues or teammates

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