Latest resume templates for 2015-2016

Each resume is an unique document which help any candidate to sell himself or to find more reliable opportunities. It’s really important thing to make sure your resume was written the best way. It’s not a secret people spend tons of dollars each day for the best resume writing services or to buy creative resume template for their resume. In some cases it’s necessary to spend money for the services some agencies provide, but in some cases there is no need, because you could do it on your own and not worse than others.

In 2016 competition is really high and that’s why we would like to stress your attention on how important to use right resume layout to win a competition. Hiring managers are same people as we are and they are also need creative candidates, who can not only provide them list of skills, but the way information in your resume could be provided. And the main question is how the winning resume template should looks like? What resume layout is better to choose to land the job in 2015 and 2016 years to win this competition!

Structure of a Resume in 2015 – 2016

If you want somebody to read your resume, you should provide your reader with a clear information on what are you going to write about and divide your resume into clear to understand blocks. No need to combine blocks – only structured resume wins.

  • Attract employers attention with a clear objective you would like to reach.
  • Add your achievements – it’s the one of the most important block of your resume. Show your employer what goals you have reached and how well you performed.
  • Try to avoid huge employment gaps. Even they are – you need to know how to hide them or excuse in better manner.
  • If you’re using skills-based resume format – it’s a good idea to highlight your skills in another block and highlight it.
  • Remember to add education block.
  • There is no need to add references. Hiring managers would ask them on the interview.

What to add to Resume in 2015 – 2016 

What should you add to your resume

• Stop using some comic fonts. Help your hiring manager to read your resume. Use only professional fonts.
• One-page resume format is the best choice for any position. Avoid long resumes.
• Try to use italic or bold fonts to highlight the most important parts of your resume.

What should you not add to your resume

• It’s not a good idea to provide your reader with some private information.
• Never lie to a hiring manager. If they would know that it was not a true – you have no chances.
• Do not show your ex-employers in negative light.

When we’re talking about resume format in 2015 – we talked about how resume format could affect on the decision made by hiring manager. If we’re talking about 2016 – this is the year of targeted resume format and it’s really important to spend some time tailoring your resume for a specific position. Stop thinking, do what you should do today!

The Best Resume Templates in 2015 – 2016

Best resume template for 2015-2016 Latest resume template for 2015-2016


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