Latest resume format – How to choose?

How to choose the best Resume Format

Choosing resume format is very important when we’re talking about application process and how reader see the information in your resume. It’s really important to highlight you strengths and conceal your employment gaps or any other information you don’t want to show in your resume. Application process is very interesting process. In most cases it begin with submitting your resume and goes through some consideration process.

The format of resume can be a crucial factor, when hiring manager scan information in your resume and trying to understand if you are the candidate they are looking for. It’s very important to understand what resume format is better to choose to reach this goal and to get a call. As we have already wrote in our previous posts about resume formatting, there are three most used formats below. And today we’d like to pay more attention to each resume format, trying to answer such questions:

  • What resume format is better to use (based on my job history)?
  • Are they still popular and applicants using them nowadays?
  • Are there any other resume formats?

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Trying to answer such question, let’s start with the most common resume formats:

  1. Reverse-chronological resume format
  2. Functional resume format
  3. Combination resume format

Don”t know which one to choose? Keep reading this article and let’s try to understand together which one would cover your needs and help you to out stand from the mass.

Chronological Resume Format

Chronological format is good for those, who will face in-person interview. Using this type of formatting your resume, you would show your

Best chronological resume format 2016

Latest chronological resume template

experience level an your work history. It’s really important to show your ex-positions, when we’re talking about senior specialist.

If you have enough experience and ready to show that in your resume, this resume format is right for you. List your recent work history in reverse-chronological order. Be ready to comment any HR’s questions about each position.

Now we would like to stress poses and cons of chronological resume format. When it’s good to use and in what cases it’s better to choose other format that would highlight your achievements in more positive light.

Main pros are:

  •  The one of the most popular resume formats
  •  If you’re experienced candidate – it could stand out you from a crowd
  •  Easier to scan your resume by HR
  • It looks professional

But, there are some cons and you should pay your attention:

  •  If you are a fresher, this resume format is not for you
  • It will show your employment gaps
  •  You cant pay HR’s attention to your skills and accomplishments
Our recommendation: If you are not experienced candidate and don't have enough working experience, it's not a good choice for you. It's better to look for some other formats, that would help you to get more chances comparing with other applicants.

Functional Resume Format

Another good resume format that used by many job seekers. Who use it: Most often it used by junior specialist (most often entry-level

Latest functional resume template 2016

New functional resume format

specialists) or candidates with some employment gaps, which they would like to conceal. In contradistinction to chronological format, it’s more targeted to highlight your skills and accomplishments.

What is the main problem you could face, choosing this format:

This resume format would not show your work history. That means that HR’s who are looking for experienced specialist would not consider your candidacy willingly. So, you should be ready for that.

But lets talk about pros:

Some employers are looking for skills some candidates has. And it could be the main advantage for you. Even you don’t have huge experience, you still have great chances to be considered for a vacant position.

Who could use such resume format:

  • Freelancers
  • Entry-level specialists
  • UI/UX designers or designers
  • Artists
Our recommendation: Show your skills and main accomplishments. If you have employment gaps, this resume format would help you to hide it. Skills matters - remember it!

Despite all the written above, it’s still one of the most used resume formats.

Targeted Resume Format

The one of the most effective resume formats, that shows employers that you are the candidate who is looking for their position and could fit the best. How to write a targeted resume? First of all it’s kind of mix of chronological and functional resume formats.

What should you include:

First of all, each targeted resume is only for one position. If you would follow this rule, you would see how effective it could be. Why it’s called “targeted”& Because the main idea here is to write resume for a specific position, trying to show your potential employer that you are the 100 % candidate they are looking for.

  • Show your achievements
  • Show your skills
  • Show you experience

Remember to tailor each resume for a specific position. See the result!

Our recommendation: It's really long and boring process to tailor your resume for each job opening, but once you will send your resume, you will understand how effective it could be.


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