Latest resume format for freshers 2016

Resume format for freshers 2016

A lot of companies are not ready to employ senior specialists, and it’s not because they don’t have money. It’s because they would like to create some extraordinary specialist and that’s why it’s really good opportunity for fresh graduated. Company’s aim is to create an develop well-motivated young personalities. Is that about you?

Are you working on your first resume? If yes, we would like to provide you with some useful tips on how to write a resume for freshers and what blocks it’s better to use to get employed.

Latest resume format for freshers 2016 Guide

Education – highlight it!

Oh, you just graduated from the university and you don’t have relevant experience to show in your resume. It’s okay and hiring managers understand it. Instead of experience block, you should put emphasis on your educational qualification. Education block is very important, because it all you have at the moment.

Have you already decided what you’d like to do?

It’s important to provide your reader with the relevant information only. Hiring managers don’t want to read irrelevant information. If you’re going to start your career as a sales manager, there is no need to add your sports achievements.

Spelling mistakes? What?

If hiring manager will find any, be sure – you will not win a competition, because there are thousands resumes alike yours without mistakes. Do you know why? Because they did find time to cross-check before they sent.

Unrelated information

A lot of freshers do a big mistake. They add unrelated information in their resumes, trying to impress hiring manager. Yes, maybe you’ll get a call, but be ready for a skype interview with your manager, who’ll understand that were trying to impress.

Resume template for freshers 2016

There are two opposite minds here. The first on – you should use white layout only, no coloring, no designed elements inside your resume.

Second one – it’s not the point. It’s important what you included in you resume. And if you’d like to attract more attention to you candidacy, do some coloring.

Resume format for freshers 2016

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Resume format for freshers 2016 – latests samples

Come back soon and see the latest resume samples for freshers in 2016. We’re handling it now!


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