How to use social media for your job search in 2016

New 2016 year around the corner and it’s a good time to think about a career change. Why this time is the most reliable for the changes? Because while the rest of job seekers are thinking about how to purchase some gifts, you have a good chance to boost your job search using non-traditional approaches. Have you ever heard something about how you could use social media to increase your chances to get the job? If no, you have a really good chance to do it just now.

So, 2015 ends and in one month your email box is going to be a bit empty, because job alerts will not be able to deliver a full list of vacancies to your mailbox. The same situation is with hiring managers – they are going to plan some activities to close the last quarter and sum up what they did during 2015-2016 year. It means that you have a really good chance to boost your search using social media platforms to get the job. Before we start with our tips, your resume should be proofread, reviewed and resume template should be updated.

good resume layout 2016 professional resume layout 2016

1. Resume must be updated

What was the last time you add some notes to your resume or just updated it with the actual information? Best resume lengths is not more than 2 pages. One page resume is the best choice for those who would like to use functional resume. Scan your resume and make sure you have already updated your accomplishments. If you don’t know where to find templates, you could easily download ours in docx format.

2. LinkedIN or other social networks

Do you already have LinkedIn profile? If not – you must sign up and grow your network. How it would help you? First of all – this would increase your chances to get a new job, secondly you would find new contacts with hiring managers.

3. Do a  mock interview

Have you ever heard about something like that? We guess – no. It could be sounds weird, but still – it works. Mock interview could help you to feel more confident while real interview and prevent different mistakes you could do while talking to real hiring manager.

4. Be prepared for tricky questions

Before you would accept agenda to visit an interview, you must be prepared for a tricky question, so liked by hiring managers to understand how you think or can act in hard situations. Below are some of such question you could be asked by a hiring manager:

What do you do for a life?

What are your main goals?

Why previous employer did not retain you?

Were you satisfied with your ex-employer?

What were your main achievements?

And why do you call them “achievement”?

And it’s not the end. We could provide you with the whole list, but not today)

5. Twitter could help you

You even cant imagine how twitter could help you to get the right job. What do you know about hashtags? Use some of them to search for some opportunities. Example: #jobsearch or #vacantposition

6. Not only job portals

Hiring managers are also find some candidates who applied direct form corporate website. That’s why it’s really important to apply for interesting positions on websites. Competition there is not so high.

Here are some different approaches on how to increase your chances in job search in 2016. Use non-standard approaches and win the competition today!

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