Resume 2016 – How to make a Good resume Great

What is good resume 2016 and it looks like? What do you know about it? Does anybody know what is the difference between 2015 resume format and how it differ from 2016 resume formats? We know the latest resume trends and all the latest chances in hiring process world. It’s not an easy task to be invited for an interview, but we could help you to up your chances at being in “YES” pile candidates on the recruiters table.

best 2016 resume templates

Still thinking how stand out from a crowd of other candidates? Use our best resume 2016 templates.

You can be a really good person or bad, nobody knows you from the people who are considering your resume and guessing whether you bad or not. There are only two things could interest them: the level of your expertise and what skills do you have and how fast you could start bring value to their company. The fact is – hiring managers need up to 6 seconds to understand who you are and if you are the person who they would like to call and invite for an interview in company’s office.

Scanning your resume, hiring manager is trying to find the most relevant information, according to vacant position. And if they would not find it or it would be hard to them to find it – it’s a pity, but they would reject your resume.

Let’s try to understand what should you do to stand out from other candidates and what information is better to include to your resume.

So I came home and I had a resume and everything, but the only job experience I had was just playing in bars and clubs on my summers off. So, I was temping and stuff during the day and playing music at night.Mary Chapin Carpenter

Resume keywords not buzzword

Most of the job seekers submit their resume on job portals or company’s websites via application form. It’s easy, all you need to do – to upload your resume and waiting till a company would provide you a feedback, if any.

But, more and more companies today are using ATS systems to do their job faster and easier. What is ATS? Applicant tracking system, which is looking for some keywords in your resume and helps hiring manager to rate your chances to be considered for that position. This software is able to analyze all the information in your resume, including education, skills, resume buzzwords, experience and other important information, which helps HR to make a decision.

ats optomized resume templates 2016

How to win machine and deliver your resume to HR

All this information is operating by ATS and stored in database. The process is easy: if HR need to find somebody, he/she can run a query by a keyword match. And if you resume does not have such keyword, it’s not your day!

That’s why it’s really important to include relevant keywords to your resume. But, it doesn’t mean you should add as much keywords to your resume as you can. Your resume could be easily overstaffed by ATS and you should remember that you are writing your resume in 2016 to be read by recruiter, but not by machine.

Tailor your resume 2016

How many resumes do you have at the moment? If it’s only one – it’s not good, and we’d like to explain why. Each resume it targeted for a specific role. If you have the same resume for a marketing manager and the teacher at school – you don’t have enough chances to win in this game.

So, what should you do in such cases if you would like to try yourself for some different roles, but you have only one universal resume, which (how you do think) could cover all duties and skills. It’s not a good idea to start seeking for a new job, using such approach.

You must create two tailored resumes for each position, highlighting skills and professional experience for each. If you don’t have experience – it’s better to write that you are entry-level candidate and looking for junior role if it’s possible.

Show what they want to see first

Your resume should be easy to read

If during 20 seconds skimming your resume, hiring manager doesn’t come up with the decision where to move your resume: YES on NO pile, be sure, you have already lost your chance.

Crafting your resume. you should help hiring manager to find any information in your resume, without any extra efforts. In other words  – your resume should be well-structured and easy to find any information they are looking for.

It’s easy to check. Ask somebody, who has never seen your resume to find out information below in your resume in first 5 seconds.

  • First/Last Name
  • Contact information
  • Education block
  • Hard/Soft skills

Well-structured resume – it’s a key to success, and we’re not joking. HR’s are more open for structured resume templates, instead of plain text. We have already prepared the best resume templates 2016 and you can easily download them from our website in docx and edit them, adding your data in template.

One page resume or more

Oh, this is the most often question asked by job seekers in the past three years. But the truth is: the shorter resume – the higher chances. Why so?

Hiring managers don’t like to read each page of your resume, only because you added last ten years of your professional history on 2 pages, without any words about your education and skills.

Make your resume skim. Let hiring manager to scan your resume easily. If you are the candidate, they are looking for – be sure, they will mail you back and clarify all the information they would like to know.

So, one-page resume template or two-page resume template to use in 2016? Let’s have a look what is the trend nowadays?

One-page resume VS two-page resume format

We do believe 1 page resume is better than longer versions

Looks like 1 page resume is better to use)

Follow resume formatting tips

There are too many irritating factors, which could easily kill your chances to be hired for a well-paid job, and it’s only because you didn’t follow easiest resume rules.

Remember – there are no bad candidates, there are candidates who can’t sell themselves. Each HR is waiting for “their” candidates, and there should not be some barriers to reach your final goal and get this job.


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