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Have you ever thought about, what does hiring managers think about when they are reading your resume? We guess – you don’t! And this is normal situation, because they think about how to close such position as fast as they can and how to get their commission. And if you really would like to help them to do that, proposing your candidacy, you should know how to attract their attention using your resume 2016.

So, have you ever heard anything about how to format resume 2016 and get your job as fast as it could be? If no, let us show you some 5 steps with suggestions you should follow.


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What is the first thing hiring manager’s are looking at? Yep, you are right – it’s your name. Why it’s really important to outstand it from the rest of your resume 2016? Because they should remember it! If hiring manager remember your name – half things done, be sure – they would pay more attention to your candidacy. Even more – it’s inadmissible for hiring manager to search your name on a piece of paper.

Below your name it’s really important to leave your phone number, current e-mail (not corporate!). And other ways on how hiring manager could reach you. It’s better to leave in header, so it would not take recruiter to many time to find it.


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Do you still think education is not important block and most hiring managers are not even look there? You’re wrong, because in many leading companies – hiring process built the way recruiter is looking at your education first. So, let’s try to keep attention on how to format resume 2016 using the latest trends.

Rules are really simple here:

Most recent education should be first. It’s really good to add your university, school and all kinds of graduation levels. And don’t forget to add your GPA. In some cases for some reasons this factor could be crucial.


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There are tons of resume formats you could find if you would try to surf the web or try to search some information on our website. If we’re talking about experience and how it’s better to overwrite, you could find useful professional resume format and standard resume format.

But, if you would like to show your relevant experience, it better to use chronological resume format. This resume format often used by not only college students, but some senior specialist. So, if you would like to show and highlight all your assets – we recommend it.

What should be inside:

Start with the list, describing your relevant experience. Starting with the recent position.

First line – company name, where located and time period you worked there. It’s really important to add it in format like 1Y3M

Second line – position title.

Third line – just describe in 3-4 sentences what were you main zones of responsibilities. How many people you did manage. What your ex-employer expected from you.

The last one- accomplishments. If you want to get 5star job, you should provide your reader with some information why the should consider you, but not somebody else. Achievements – the best way to do that.


format resume 2016 best practices

We’re not talking about some boring or greedy company. We’re here to help you find interesting job in the most successful companies, which are interested in hobbies or any other activities their employees do.

That’s why it important to provide your hiring manager with such information crafting your resume 2016 using the latest resume formats.


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Most of resume we scanned  contained too many irrelevant skills or they were too general, so hiring manager would never call you back and invite you on a job interview.

Do you really want to get recruiters attention and their calls, let’s try to understand what are the most important skill you should add to your resume.

  • Languages and level.
  • Computer skills and level of expertise if necessary.
  • Communication skills.
  • Courses and certificates are even better to show that write some skills. They could prove your reader better.

In any case, we wish you to format your resume best way. Next time we would like to show you more resume samples!


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