How proper resume format 2016 looks like?

What is proper resume format 2016? Hot 11 Tips!

If you’re reading this post, it means you’re looking for a new opportunities from some companies. It’s very important to follow the last trends when you’we writing or updating your current 2016 resume. Today, we’re going to talk about how proper resume format 2016 looks like and some useful tips on what should you include to get the job you’re looking for. So, let’s start!

Most of the hiring managers are very meticulous in making decisions. Yeah, we’re not talking about hot positions, but if they have time, be sure, they would not be very active. So, what useful tips should you follow to attract their interest? See it in the list below!

Tip on what should you add to a proper resume format 2016

1. Add linkedIn Url to your resume. 84% of hiring managers before making a call, usually scanning candidate’s social profiles to get more information. Why don’t you want to help them?

2. One main and one phone number. No need to add 2 or more emails, skype account or phone numbers. The rule is: 1 phone number to control voice mails and one email. Emails must be personal.

3. Poor objectives. If you can’t write strong objective, it’s better to exclude it from your resume, than add unprofessional one.

4. Reverse chronological order. When you describing your works experience, you should use reverse chronological order to help recruiter understand what is your current place of work and how much time you have been working there.

5. Keywords inside your resume. Big companies using special software, which help hiring managers to select proper candidates. Including right keywords is good chance to be in top of such search machines.

7. Avoid dense blocks. Even you’re using one-page resume, it’s not a good idea to dense all the block as much as you can. Sometimes, it very hard to read such texts.

8. Quantify achievements. Don’t write just “Increased sales activity”, it’s much better to show how you did that and provide your reader with some numbers.

9. No comic fonts of amazing colors. If you’re designer – it’s okay to show how creative you are. If you’re seeking for some positions as a sales manager, it’s better to use professional resume format 2016.

10.  Images or presentations. No need to add them into resume. Proper resume format 2016 should not contain images. Want to show some materials, share them in your LinkedIn profile.

11. “References upon requests” – wanna kill your hiring manager? Add this phrase above in your reference block and continue you job search.

Anything else to add to proper resume format 2016?

Not at the moment. Try to follow all these advices above! We’ll add some proper resume format 2016 samples soon.

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