Get back in the job market in 2016? Write your winning 2016 resume

Seems like you're employed or unemployed - it doesn't matter. Today, we're going to talk about how you can touch up your old resume and make it stand out from a crowd. Usually it's a really hard thing to do, when we're talking about resume writing or updating after some period of time for a job seeker. Let's try to understand what could we do and how we could help you to craft your resume 2016.

Resume length still matterlatest resume template 2016

Yes, it is. Still it’s really important. You could ask yourself why? The main answer is: Your main goal is to show your reader the most interesting and relevant part of your job experience, nothing else. That’s why one page resume format is still one of the most popular resume formats, even in 2016. No need to write too much information. Provide you HR with the most relevant and actual information about your skills and last places of working.

What resume 2016 format is better to use

You could see tons of different advices on how to format your resume, but still, there are three the most common formats below. Also, read about all resume formats 2016.

Chronological resume format (aka reverse resume format)

The one of the most used resume formats in the world. The main idea here is to highlight your place of working in reverse-chronological order. Then, you need to add some lines about your education. Such resume format is better to use only for experiences job seekers, who has a huge background and has enough job history to show in their resumes.resume 2016 format

Functional resume format or (skill-based resume format)

Fresh grad or you don’t have enough experience to show in your resume, it’s yours resume format. The main goal here (skill-set over job history). You know your strengths better than anybody else, so you are more skills-oriented candidate. Highlight your skills and show some of your achievement if any.

Hybrid resume format (Combination resume format)

More and more job seekers using combination resume formats, because they would like to add more information about themselves and to highlight their strongest skills. This resume format should include short summary with yours the most valuable accomplishments and remember to add skills. No need to create a huge block with your recent places of working. Cover the latest 10 years of your experience and that’s enough.

What is good to do with your resume in 2016

1. Try to avoid comic fonts and to many graphics in your resume. HR’s are looking for relevant skills and see what’s inside your resume. Help them to read it easily and understand that you are the person they are looking for.

2. Accomplishments over the process. Stop writing what you did, show on what was done and how fast. Your potential employers like success stories. Show them in your resume.

3. Use special terms in your area of business. ATS systems are usually looking for such keywords and it could increase chances for your resume to be on the HR’s table in “to consider” pile.

4. Show you computer skills. Some people ignore that, but in some cases it’s really important to show that you know how to use some special software.

5. Tailor your resume to a job description as much as possible. It would help you not only to increase your chances, but to show how well you are in that area of business.

6. Show what other skills you have gained away from work.

7. Proofread twice, before you will decide to apply your resume. Remember, one type could cost you a job, HR’s hate them.

8. Never add your salary expectations to your resume. Only in cases when it’s a requirement form a hiring manager.

Above there are some useful resume writing tips 2016 that would help you to land the job this year. We do believe it’s not hard to find a good job, all you need to do is to bring a little bit more efforts and you will get everything.

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