Federal resume format 2016. Best practices

How federal resume format 2016 looks like?

Applying for a federal job? If so, you must forget all you know about different resume formats, because it doesn’t work for a federal job. The one include more detailed and deep requirements in resume formatting. While you could find yourself crafting your functional resume or one-page resume for other non-federal positions, your federal resume should be 2-5 pages in length. Basically, it’s the same resume format, but it goes more into depth of your past work experience, achievements and skills.

What is the structure of federal resume format 2016?

There’re two ways on how you could solve some issues writing your federal resume 2016. The first one, and the easiest one  – you could find federal resume builder here. But, according to some polls, 74% of recruiters suggesting to not use resume builders. That’s why let’s talk about alternative variant.

Another way. Create your federal resume, according to the latests federal resume format 2016 best practices below.

Federal resume template 2016. What to include?

Federal resume – Personal information

Your should provide hiring manager with all necessary information about yourself.

Attention! Some positions are only for U.S. citizen, so before you’ll submit your resume, read job description carefully to not irritate hiring manager. 

Attention! Have you ever served on active duty in US army forces? If not, you’ll not get veteran’s preference.

Required fields: First name, Last name, Contact details, citizenship, federal employee info

Federal resume – Work history and experience

You are experienced employee > you could provide hiring manager last 10 years of your experience for consideration.

You are not experienced employee > please provide all your work history

Required fieldsCompany name, position title, location, start and end date, amount of weekly hours, main responsibilities and achievements if any

Attention! It’s not a problem, if you’d like to add salary you get on your previous place of working. It’s not forbidden!

Federal resume – Education block

You shouldn’t name some extra courses here alike “coursera” or alike. This block is very important for hiring managers. Provide all the information in a clear format:

School – degree

What else should I know about federal resume format 2016?

We have seen an amazing video, provided by Kristy Eubanks. She will tell more about the whole process of federal agencies and how to get the best federal job. Let’s say thank you for this video to Georgia University!

We’ll provide some federal resume template 2016 soon, so feel free to visit our website again to see the latests updates!

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