9 Things to write a winning resume in 2016 part 2

best resume tips 2016 part 2

We have already talked about how you can boost your resume 2016 in part 1. And today we’re going to talk about some other useful tips on how you can boost your resume and what things you should include to your resume. So, below are some other advices you could find interesting crafting your resume.

Follow application instructions

Before applying to specific position, be sure you have read job description twice and you 100% follow all instructions. If you don’t know smth or you’re not sure on some details, just read one more time. Hiring managers are really strict to candidates, who ignored instruction list if any.

LinkedIn Profile

Boost your job search, develop an outstanding linkedIn profile. It’s like a standard stuff you should do if we’re talking about professional development and positioning yourself like a professional specialist. Create it, or you will miss potential opportunities to land a good job. Remember – hiring managers are using LinkedIn as an additional channel for hiring or hunting employers. Do you want to be one of the candidates who land the job via LinkedIn in 2016? If yes – start crafting your profile and start growing your network.

Achievements instead of processes

Nowadays, nobody cares how well you managed processes, if we’re talking about successful candidates resumes, must have things – achievements. Show your approach and KPIs. HR’s are looking for people who DO, instead of people who “control process”. Highlight your accomplishments with some numbers or facts, to show how well you are and what exact value you did bring to your ex employer.

Creative Resume writing approach

We know how important to attract hiring manager’s attention and we know there are tons of ways to do that, but the best one – creative resume template, which would stand out from the mass and show you approach. But be ready for some negative feedback, if HR’s are from 90’s and not really sure about non-traditional resume format even in 2016.

Empty spaces – better to read

Help HR to scan your resume fast and catch all the necessary information out of there. Do not place too much information, without any formatting, so your resume is not possible to read, moreover to understand what you did and what were your main achievements. Use margins or bullets to make the right visual appeal.

One page resume or more

If you faced the problem when you can’t place all the information at one page, using one-page resume format 2016. Try to not limit yourself. Use two-page resume format. Why? Read hear how to format resume in 2016. Because ATS doesn’t care about how many symbols does your resume contains. And if you will not include some keywords, it would be your problems, not smbd else. You would miss your chances to be considered for vacant position.

Resume Format to choose

Crafting your resume, it’s a good idea to define resume format you would like to use and how you’re going to write your resume. What format to pick is up to you, but the right resume format 2016 could not only help to hide your gaps, but even could help you to highlight your strengths.

Choose the best resume format to outstand from the crowd.

Targeted resume

Generic resume is not the best choice in 2016. If you would like to apply for the position and looking forward to hear from hiring manager – you should use tailored resume. Tailor your resume for the position you would like to apply. Over 67% of job offers done after HR’s read well-tailored resume.

Grammar mistakes or typos

Want totally kill your chances to be invited for an interview – just submit your resume without proofreading and let HR to find some typos or grammar mistakes. You would find your resume in trash pile in seconds. 


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