6 resume rules 2016 you should follow

Hi to everyone! Today we’re going to talk about some good things you should do to win a competition! Aren’t you? You crafting your resume following only the one goal: to get employed. And we’d like to talk now about how you can do that writing your resume 2016.

So, what is that rules (or useful advices) about? Let us provide you with them:

resume rules 2016

1. Know your hiring manager

If you’d like to increase your chances and win the competition to get a position in the company you already chosen – it’s time to do a good research and target your resume.

Step 1.  Try to find company’s linkedIn profile. See who is the hiring manager there. Scan his/her profile.

Step 2. Find ex-colleagues of your potential hiring manager. Mail them and tell them truth: “You would like to know more about the company not from the hiring manager. Ask about how good company is, what are poses and cons, and if they could give some feedback regarding your hiring manager.”

Step 3. Let’s finish with research and move on to the step 3 of crafting your resume 2016. You know some information about the company and the atmosphere inside. It’s time to transform this experience into your resume.

Step 4. How it would help me? A) Most of hiring managers are good psychologists and they know how to understand if you lie in your resume or not. B) The more information you know about the company, the more confident you are. C) Show your interest in this company, telling your hiring manager that you have already searched some info about their company.

resume rules 2016

 2. Why you are the best in few words

There are tons of candidates that do the same mistake. They are trying to sell themselves, writing essays in resume summary, explaining why they are the best and why hiring manager must invite them to the job interview after reading a comprehensive poem.

If you are experienced job seeker, you should know that each resume begin with the short summary or with an objective. It’s just 3-4 sentences to explain who you are and why your relevant experience is useful or what value you could bring to the company using your knowledges.

Useful TIP: Resume summary already written? If yes, it a good opportunity to use it during your job interview. If you don’t know, most of interviews start with the same question: “Could you please describe yourself in some words and what could you tell about your past experience?”

resume rules 2016

3. Convince your reader

Now we’re talking about “accomplishments” block in your resume 2016. More and more job seekers add weird numbers without comparing them with the previous one’s. What are we talking about?

Hm, let’s try to understands how good sales manager is, reading such thing: “Sold 20,000 discs in 3 months”. And what? Why not 40,000? Is that good or bad?

Provide you reader with some stats or compare with smth. Good one: “Increased sales KPIs in 3X times” or “Created new up-sell approach gained 3000 Subscriptions monthly.

resume rules 2016

4. Mistakes? Get rid of them!

Oh, if you can’t cross-check your resume twice before you send it to hiring manager, it’s better to send nothing. Grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes – candidate killers! Remember it!

Useful TIP: Never start you sentences with WE or I or OUR. It’s unprofessional.

resume rules 2016

5. Keywords in your resume 2016

Do you know that some companies using software to filter some candidates on the first stage? You sent your resume and receive a message like: “Thank you for submitting your resume. We’ll mail you back after consideration.” Sometimes it’s a robot, sometimes it’s your hiring manager. In case, when it’s a robot – HR software is searching for keywords in your resume. And that’s why it’s important to add some keywords according to the position description to your resume 2016.

resume rules 2016

6. Concise

Remember: you have just 6 second to pay hiring manager’s attention. All the relevant information should be in one or maximum 2 pages. Keep it short and respect your hiring manager time!

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