5 tips to use proper resume format 2016

As we want to be successful in new 2016 Year, we would like to talk about how we can boost your job search and what should you do to get the job you’re looking for. As you know – job interview, unfortunately is only 2 step to success. Before you need to win the competition and show hiring manager, that you’re the right person they should invite for an interview. If not today, than tomorrow – but you, not smbd else. So, today we would like to talk about how well-written resume could impact on your job search and what rules you should follow to get outstanding resume 2016 this year.

Tip #1: Highlight the most compelling points

We have talked on how important is to attract hiring manager’s attention just in first few seconds after recruiter just scanned your resume and making decision to delete your resume or add to “invite” pile. Here it’s really important to help hiring manager to understand why your resume 2016 rocks. How you could do that? Highlighting the most relevant information. Use bold or italic fonts or use bold to stress some key points. If you need to pay more attention to some details, just use larger type size.

But don’t highlight all your resume. Use colored or other format only in places, where it’s really important. If your resume is like women fashion journal – it would 99.9% go to “decline” pile. Not because you’re not the best candidate – because it’s hard to read and hiring manager would spend more time to understand who you are and why it’s necessary to invite you for a job interview.

resume format 2016

Tip #2: Use some Call-Out Boxes

In some cases it’s normal to help hiring manager to catch right information from your resume. You can use callout boxes to highlight some of your accomplishments in your resume 2016.

Tip #3: Graphic resume layout 2016

Main goal here: to let hiring manager to remember your resume. How it works: Even you’re not the best candidate for vacant position and hiring managers considering your candidacy, your professional resume layout 2016 would stay in his/her memory. Then if they would need to find somebody like you, they would 100% find your resume first in the “saved” pile

Tip #4: Video Resume 2016

If we’re talking about latest resume trends, it’s good idea to talk about video resumes in 2016. It has never been so popular this year and it’s really interesting to see how hiring managers happy watching these videos.

Just 30 or 60 second intro video could help you not only to present yourself better, but could also help you to land the job even tomorrow.

Tip #5: Show your interest in position

If you don’t want to miss your chance, you should be always be in touch with everybody. If we’re talking about you featured job – hiring managers are number one people who you should contact and if they are asking you something via e-mail, it’s better to answer the same day or two. Don’t postpone what should you do.

resume format 2016

And few words after. Stop waiting – find interesting opportunities right now and apply for the most interesting jobs using your resume.

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