5 Steps How To Land The Job Before the End of the 2015 Year

Do you still think it’s a good idea to wait for a New Year to start your active job search? Or let’s wait till all people will finish to celebrate and in some time you will start sending your resume. Oh, we are more than sure – it’s not a good idea, because we do believe you can land the job before 2015 end and it’s a good time to do that. You could ask us why? Because while are thinking about it  – you do and you win. By the way, do you know that average response rate for published vacancies is less in November and December, compared to January 2016. It’s interesting fact, but more candidates are trying to postpone their decision and are not so active. That’s why you have a really good chance to compete and win!

Landing a good, well-paid job is not an easy thing. But – you have to be prepared for that. We decided that some useful tips below could help you to reach your goal and you would know how to update your resume in 2016 to get a job.


Never, listen, never do something without any plan – the first rule if we’re talking about recruitment in 2016. Before you’re going to do smth, you should know you plan and define goals you would like to reach due to specific date. Define your goals: Who do you need to meet? What steps you should follow to rewrite your resume? What resume template 2016 you should choose to get employed? And so on.

What else you need to do:

Do you have your LinkedIn profile already updated?

Do you know what skills are the strongest?

Are you satisfied with the resume format you picked?

Above are some question you should answer yourself, before you’re going to craft your resume. When your plan is already created, it’s time to talk about timelines. It’s really important to follow steps and reach goals.


Control this process and make sure you prepared before a big game start.


The most common mistake – huge amount of candidates are trying to use lots of channels to apply their resume or communicate with to huge amount of hiring managers.

Stop doing that. Try to concentrate on channels. Split your days in some periods, like:

  1. Job board positions (9.00-11.00) – Apply using general resume format
  2. Job board positions (11.00-13.00) – Create 3-5 targeted resume format for the positions you decided to apply
  3. LinkedIn Search (14.00-16.00) – Talk to recruiters, try to follow some groups, apply for the positions interesting for you. Change your current employment status and grow your network.
  4. Communicate with hiring managers (16.00-17.00) – Accept invitations for the job interview or negotiate about salary expectations or what are your main responsibilities and so on.

Before you start, make sure your LinkedIn profile developed professionally and you have great chances to compete with other candidates. If you feel like it’s not look professional – research or try to find people with profile similar to yours. Good stuff that works!

Step 3: SMART Applying – key to success.

We know that sometimes it’s really hard to send tons of resumes, applying for different positions and do not hear back from hiring managers. If you’re completely frustrated and don’t know what to do, there are two ways on how to solve this issue:

  1. Read our article here.
  2. Use another approach in job searching.

What does mean alternative approach in job searching 2016? It means – you should not concentrate on amount of resumes you have sent to your potential employers via job portal. Much more effective way today – use G+ circles or contact linkedIn recruiters. Talk to them, ask if they could recommend your candidacy to some other companies. Hiring managers in some cases get their commission for recommendation – so, why it’s not you?

Step 4: The Way You Talk During An Interview

Suddenly the phone rings and what is going next? You need to present yourself and be ready to answer the questions hiring manager would like to ask you. Are you really ready to do that? It’s not about the way it was written in your perfect resume 2016, we’re talking about live conversation.



  1. Don’t be nervous. Keep calm and be ready for tricky questions.
  2. Be ready to write down some notes or address if they would like to invite you for an interview.
  3. Ask somebody to interview you (friends or somebody who can do it). In this case you will be prepared for tricky questions and would feel yourself more confident.

Step 5: Follow UP and Say Thank You!

Looks like you were cool during an interview and they decided to make you an offer – you think so, but unfortunately they are not rushing with that decision. What can you do in that case? Just send them “thank you letter”. How it looks like?

follow up letter after an interview

Anyway, we do believe this plan could help you to improve your job search in 2016. Try to avoid mistakes people faced in 2015 crafting their resume. Improve your skills and approach and get your job. December 2015 comes and your job is waiting for you!

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