2016 resume templates – For those who still unemployed!

How to craft you resume template in 2016 according to the best practices?

Most of job seekers knows – writing or updating resume is not an easy task. It’s really hard work and most likely employees order some services on professional resume writing websites. Yes, it’s good idea to do so, but if you have enough money in your pocket OR you think they could that better than you. Anyway, our post is about people (not lazy people), who don’t want to spend extra money ordering some resume services and who believe they would cope themselves with our help.

As we have already mentioned in our previous post it’s really important to follow best practices or better say – useful resume writing advices to increase your chances to land the job.  But sometimes, even you followed them all, it brings no result. Don’t upset and let’s move on the next stage to save the day!

2016 resume template – tailoring is a key to success!

If you want to increase response rate and get a call from hiring manager – it’s better to spend additional time on tailoring your resume to specific job description. It’s very useful and we have already written about it here.  Let’s don’t waste time and move to some typical situations.

I’m Unemployed. What then?

Looks like you quit or smth else happened. Don’t upset! Let’s work on your resume together. Hiring manager would not reject your resume, because you are on the stage of active search and that’s а good advantage!

2016 resume template for unemployed

resume template 2016 for job seekers who still unemployed

Download 2016 resume template in word

I’m unemployed and have work history gaps!

First of all – you should not hide this in your resume. Hiring managers could easily check it during an interview, and then you’ll get into small troubles. If you have a GAP in your work history. Main rule: never leave it without any clarification – you would be rejected. What to do? Let’s say you have a 2 years gap. Try to turn it into positive. For example, you tried to change your career and you take this time to undertake some educational courses. OR you tried yourself for some other role.  Use 2016 resume template for employees with gaps in work history below.

2016 resume template for employees with gaps in work history

resume template 2016 for job seekers who has gaps in work history

Download 2016 resume template in word

I’m fresher. Which resume template 2016 should I use?

You have just graduated and we’re sure you’re going to apply for some positions related to your degree. And now it’s really important to highlight your studies and what kind of job you’re looking for. Be ready if range of choice would not be so huge as you assumed. Let’s see a good 2016 resume template for fresher below.

2016 resume template for freshers

resume template 2016 for freshers

Download 2016 resume template in word

University – it’s not mine! Help me with first job resume template  2016

It was hard times! We don’t know the reason why you decided to do this way, but anyway we’re here to help you with your first job resume template. Sometimes it’s really hard to land the job immediately. So, here is an updated 2016 resume template for job seekers, who would like to go straight from school to their first job) See it below.

2016 resume template for school leavers

resume template 2016 for school leavers

Download 2016 resume template in word

And it’s not the end. Next week we would provide you with more tailored templates. Keep tracking!

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