14 Things to write a winning resume in 2016 part 1

resume writing tips 2016

It’s not a problem to be in “trash” pile if we’re talking about resume which you have already sent to a hiring manager, but you need to bring more efforts to be in “yes” pile. The main question here is: What should you do to attract readers attention and catch them? Is that possible? Yes – it’s really possible and we have prepared some useful tips for you, which would help you to land the job! We have already talked about some resume tips before, but today we decide to pay more attention to this question.

7 seconds – time to win!

What do you know about 7 seconds? Nothing special, but it’s an average time hiring manager need to scan your resume to understand whether you could cope with that job or not. If you want to win the competition, you should let hiring manager to find information easily and you perfect resume format.

ATS – optimize or lose

Applicant tracking system – it’s like a filter, which help hiring manager to sort candidates. Each filter has it’s own vulnerability – and in our case we’re talking about right keywords you should use to win the competition. Do not overstaff your resume, but remember to add some variants of different keywords or use synonyms.

Cover letter – key to HR heart

Hey, what do you know about outstanding cover letter 2016? Do you know that over 60% of recruiters are really inspired by the cover letters, written by candidates. The most interesting thing – other part (the main one), candidates resume is nothing after well-written resume. Think about it and try to write an outstanding cover letter in 2016.

Resume keywords 2016 – Avoid stuffing

Try to balance between keyword staffing and real quality resume. Stuffing your resume you would win ATS, but remember – your main goal to let hiring manager read your resume. An once your reader would try to read only keywords included to your resume, it would automatically be forwarded to trash pile. We think it’s not your main goal. Be smart – write for people.

Career objective – sounds from 90’s

Objectives – it’s like old style fashion, it could be, but nobody will be impressed. Remember, you have just 7 seconds to impress your reader and you need to let hiring manager to spend it smart. How? Try to write career summary or relevant experience in just 2-3 sentences to highlight your main skills and achievements. It would help your reader to understand who you are and if you you could bring value to them.

How could they reach you

The most common mistake  – your resume is awesome, but recruiters cant find your contact information. Why? Because you place it somewhere in the footer, or you even forgot to add it. Remember – contact information should be near your Last name and First name, so if HR need to clarify some information, they could easily reach you by the phone. Please, don’t use stupid e-mail address – up to 20% HR irritates, when they see such stupid adress names like “mr.dragon@yahoo.com”, applying to executive position.

CV or Resume in 2016

Some people say that there are no reason between cv and resume. In some cases they are right, but still, there are some differences between cv 2016 and professional resume. The main difference is – CV are more wide and contain your employment history, accomplishments and references. Standard resume 2016 is a concise document, which only highlight basic information about your skills and employment history. CV are commonly used in UK.


If you want to highlight your resume compared with some other candidates, it’s time to show your education level. And you have really good chances to win, if you would place you education at the top of the resume. Remember to add show any honors or accomplishments or GPA if any. Remember – ATS are looking for education field.

File Name

Hiring manager receive tons of resume daily, and it’s really important to help them out to find your resume from the mass. Using right file name of your resume file, you would not only save HR’s time, but would increase your chances to get this job. Dont use file name like “last updated resume 2016” or “resume 2016 last edition”. Right resume file name is “Sam Taylor resume executive director”

Creative or easy to read font

Stop using creative or hard to read font, unless you’re designer and trying to wow hiring manager with you non-standard approach in resume template making. Use easy to read verdana or times new roman fonts. Using some creative fonts could not be supported by Word on local HR’s machine.

Employment Gaps – hide or not

Stop trying to hide employment gaps from your potential employer. Instead of doing that, try to explain it with some adequate reasons. The best way to do that is to tell about that in your cover letter. Don’t be a writer here, be concise and explain in 2-3 sentences.

References – to be deleted

“References available upon request” – good thing for unprofessionally written resume in 90’s. What do you know about reference letter? If nothing, just avoid to use this phrase in your resume. If your reader would need to check any information about you, they would ask you to provide references and would call them.

Hard Skills in resume 2016

When we’re talking about hard skills – we’re talking about something, better say skills which we could measure and understand how good you are there. For example “Adobe Photoshop” – it’s a hard skill, because we can assess how good you are in photo editing or in smth else. Use hard skills to show your professional skills in your resume. Most commonly used in functional resume template.

Soft Skills in resume 2016

Soft skills – team player, confident, problem solving and so on. Skills, which are really hard to measure. Most commonly – they describe you attitude to works and highlight your working approach.

Tomorrow we are going to provide you with next, part 2.

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