10 Ways To Make Your Resume 2016 Stand Out

All of us knows how important to get a resume, which would be not only interesting, but could stand out from a crowd. Will wow hiring managers just in few seconds after they would only start to read it. That’s why we suggesting you to use only the latest resume templates 2016 to win the competition and let hiring manager to remember your resume better.

Each position has it’s own time limit. Hiring managers are busy people. They need to close many positions in really short period of time. From this aspect, it’s really important to help hiring manager to understand who you are and what are you goals. And the main goal here – to let hiring manager to add your resume to “invite for an interview” pile.

Is that possible? We are sure, it is. And we’re here to help you to do that. Today, we’re going to talk about how you could help yourself to be invited for a job interview. What should you do to be invited and what hot tricks to use. Hiring managers usually need up to 10 seconds to understand if you’re the person they’re looking for. Even, you’re not – we would try to help you “pimp up” your resume  and increase your chances to get a job in 2016.

10 ways to make your resume 2016 stand out

1. Resume format 2016 – it’s important

resume format 2016 how to choose

If we’re talking about professional hiring managers, not just some guys who published some vacancies and looking for a taxi driver  – resume format matters. Why? Because in some different cases resume format could help to highlight some of your skills and in some cases it would help you to hide some limitations.

Also, it’s really important to understand what job are you looking for and what is your relevant experience. If you’re looking for:

Federal job – it’s better to see how to craft your federal resume format 2016.

Just graduated? – see how to use resume format for freshers 2016 in our post

Concentrated on skills and achievements – functional resume format 2016. It’s what are you looking for.

Want to show your experience and employment history – chronological resume format 2016 is waiting for you.

Standard resume format 2016 for those, who want to impress hiring manager and dont want to tie his formatting to the most popular resume formats.

Professional resume format 2016 – See how to write it proper way and outstand from the crowd.

Resume formatting is really important thing if you would like not only impress your hiring manager, but to get a call. Formatting your resume  – you split it on some easy to navigate zones for hiring manager, so it’s easy to read understand who you are and what are your expectation from this positions.

2. Cheater or winner with the resume buzzwords 2016

What resume buzzwords 2016 to choose

Nowadays it’s really hard to find recruiters, who are not using ATS systems, most likely we’re talking about huge and leader companies in different industries. What does ATS mean? It’s applicant tracking system – a kind of resume filter that is needed to sort candidates by relevancy and provide hiring managers with only the most interesting and relevant candidates.

But what should you do to be the most relevant candidate? Use some buzz resume keywords and skills, which would help you to be at the top of the list. But – it’s really important to not overdo it. Because if your resume 2016 would looks unnatural, hiring manager would not be interested in your candidacy and would add your resume to “NO” pile. Use it carefully.

3. Targeted resume in 2016. 95% to get a positive feedback.

Targeted resume 2016

Do you know what is the difference between the candidates who target their resume for each position and those who don’t? The first group invited to job interviews 64% more than second one, You would ask why? Because  if you’re not lazy person and want to get your job today, show hiring manager what he/she is looking for (skills, achievement and so on). You would see that results will be impressive.

4. Only modern resume template 2016 to attract attention.

Resume template 2016 matter

As we have already said – your main goal is to attract hiring manager’s attention and the main goal of your resume from this aspect – to attract it. How you can do it? We would like to suggest some outstanding resume templates 2016. If you feel that you can draw it on your own – it’s really good idea. Do it!

5. Forget about grammar mistakes and hard to read sentences.

Avoid grammar mistakes in resume 2016

Some candidates do not proofread their resume and as result – there are too many grammar or spelling mistakes, which hiring managers hate to see. Your resume – it’s a part of you. It’s your face and you’re trying to sell yourselve for the pretty good salary compensation, Let’s try to walk in employer shows. Are you going to pay any money to employee, how can’t even write a resume without mistakes or so lazy to proofread it and edit it.

The same feelings suffer hiring manager, reading your resume, even it was polished and the best resume format was used. How to avoid such mistakes? Ask somebody to read your resume, before you’re going to apply for some positions.

6. Good Header – 40% work done!

Resume 2016 goal

Stop using resume objective. In some cases it’s not as effective as some 3 or 5 sentences about you and your accomplishments. Hiring managers don’t want to read what are you looking for, they would like to know what did you achieved and how well your experience is relevant to the vacant position. Do it and see how well it works for you. Remember to place it to the top of your resume 2016.

7. Stay professional.

Stay professional in your resume 2016

Never add any negative information about your ex-employer or colleague who you worked with. One of the most common tricks to check how honest you are:

Do not lie at job interview, If there were any conflicts at your previous place of working, say about it, but in very tolerant form. Be ready your interviewer could call to your ex-employer and tell how it was.

8. Provide your reader with facts, not processes.

Provide facts in your resume 2016

Why many resumes fails just 2 seconds after professional hiring manager look on them? Do you know why? Because there are no fact or metrics that could help hiring manager to understand what you did on the previous place of working.

It’s really important to provide such information to highlight you willingness to measure your effectiveness and the way you do your job. Show not only process you maintain, provide reader with numbers of how you drove some metrics and how well you did it.

9. Two pages or one-page resume 2016

One page resume 2016

Many hiring managers arguing abiut how long resume 2016 should be and what is more effective:

Use one-page resume 2016 and let hiring manager to make you a call to ask some additional questions if something was unclear. Or provide hiring manager with detailer resume, using two or more pages to write a long story about how difficult was you storry to success and why are you looking for this job.

The answer is – There is no need to make it really long. Show only the information, which would be interesting for hiring manager. Do not overwhelm them with extra data.

10. Cover letter 2016. First step to win a competition.

Cover letter 2016

If to be honest, in some cases outstanding cover letter 2016 would be even more effective than your resume. That’s why more and more recruiters asking candidates to send cover letters and resume without cl – would not be considered.

Amazing resume examples 2016 you need to see










Okay, here is the list of 10 main factors, which would help you to get a job in 2016. Use them in your resume and get your job tomorrow.

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