How 2016 resume looks like

Win a competition in 2016 crafting your resume on your own!

resume 2016 main steps

Doesn’t matter what kind of job you are looking for in 2016, all you need to know is: your resume and cover letter – are just 2 documents your potential employee see first, before making a call to you. According to some researchers, recruiter spend on average just 6 second to understand if you could fit the required position or not. You shouldn’t lose your chance to such high-competitive environment, and that’s why it’s really important to highlight some of your skills, objective and previous job responsibilities to distinguish your 2016 resume from the mass of other applicants. On the first stage, you can provide only your resume. But sending a resume will not give you the chance to get a call if it’s not looks professional.  Some of the applicants are trying to use professional resume writing services to gloss over some flaws with a correct resume language, positioning and resume summary. The main question here is: “Are you ready to spend over $100 if you could do it yourself?”

Resume format 2016. Which one resume format to choose in 2016?

The main issue here that the most of applicants don’t know which resume format to choose to write their resume in 2016. There’re lots poses and cons in each format. We know how difficult to start writing your first resume or adjusting your resume preparing for the position changing. There’re 5 main rules regarding resume formatting you should keep in your mind, writing your 2016 resume:

1. Do you know which position you’re aim to apply? Most likely you do. Find the most suitable format, which would fit you the most. You could choose it from the list here.

2. Create a list of skills. Most of the applicants forget to do that, but most of recruiters doing their search, looking for some skills, and only then contact you, clarifying some information.

3. Summary. Another one must have stuff in your resume. Headhunters don’t like to spent time reading your resume, sometimes they’re there is just enough to read 4 sentences to understand how good you are and what are your achievements.

4. 2016 resume should be long or short? Yeah, good question. And most of the employee wouldn’t read 3 pages of your resume. One page resume is the best resume format in 2016. Know how to place all into one page? If so, you’ll be the winner. Hesitant how to do that – use our one page resume format

5. Resume template. Remember to follow trends and be a psychology oriented. How do you think, would you attract employee attention if you resume template 2016 would be not colored? Ask yourself! Yes, use some coloring, not too much, but enough to out stand your resume from the mass of other applicants.

Resume tips 2016. Which one’s you should follow?

We placed all the best resume tips 2016 in one place, so you could easily find out some useful things for you. Reading these posts you would find answers on such questions like:

– How to prepare for an interview in 2016?

– What questions you should be prepared for?

– What are your salary expectations. What interviewer could ask you then?

And many more tricky advises you should know before get employed!